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Media Grid – WordPress Responsive Portfolio
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Media Grid – WordPress Responsive Portfolio

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  • – Phiên bản: 7.6.0
  • – Cập nhật lần cuối:  07.11.2023
  • – Sản phẩm đều tuân thủ giấy phép:  GPL
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Media Grid – WordPress Responsive Portfolio is a pretty good and useful plugin among the good WordPress plugins. Thank you for viewing, accessing and supporting our products. All CodeCanyon, Galleries, WordPress Plugins items are downloaded from the original source. You can download and use with complete peace of mind.

Media Grid – WordPress Responsive Portfolio

Media Grid is a unique plugin to propagate limitless responsive, filterable and paginated portfolios including ease, adoption knowledge regarding masonry engine.

Using superior strategies lets in you according to create your very own layouts mixing up any media type dynamically or manually: adapting in imitation of any container!

Features list

Unlimited layout-free portfolios (freely shape above items according to construct grids)Visual, drag&drop, grid architect including mobile modeDynamic grids, repeating thy lousy layouts or optionally shuffling elementsCreate grids using anybody commons submit on your website and mixture to them including Media Grid items1-click grid cloning system6 pagination structures after pick out from (included infinite-scroll or numbered buttons)Complete search engine marketing deeplinking system: tracking lightbox, filters, ask and pagination (tracking browser history change)100% CSS-based items shaping (superfast)Complete gadgets kind desire together with complete media support:single picturesimages slider with video supportInline photograph sliderYoutube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, self-hosted movies (lightbox then inline)Soundcloud then self-hosted audio (lightbox yet inline)Inline textual content along video background abilityLightbox with custom contentsLinkPost object – catchy out of posts yet custom post typesItems filtering law (optionally searches through pages)Default grid filter – shortcode parameter675 icons in accordance with embellish filters then customize objects overlayIn-grid objects looking out including customized tags aid (optionally searches thru pages)Filters and inquire positionable over grid’s top, left or correct sideAnimated GIFs supportRevolutionary AJAX lightbox, supporting HTML and shortcodes5 lightbox content material layouts6 lightbox command styles3 lightbox entrance/sliding effectsUnlimited article length except page’s loading affectionContents in imitation of text – top matching optionImage zoom rule (for odd photograph item type)Modal modeUnlimited object customized attributes including elective idol associationProper associative apportionment using item’s data (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+)16 modern loaders according to choose fromOptional Ken Burns effect because items yet featured lightbox imagesHandy shortcode wizardElementor, Visual Composer or Cornerstone partial integrationShortcode alternative after move objects denominate under image (attached and detached)Full colors, margins, borders, font-size or font-family controlShortcode commands after override pagination system yet grid aspect1-click instantaneous setup including 10 preset stylesFully responsive, adapts itself in imitation of someone containerItems XML sitemap to try object contents yet images about search engineWooCommerce integration including elective “add-to-cart” button supporting sum yet alternative productsOptional Disqus then Facebook Comments integration among lightbox100% multilanguage along WPML certification then Polylang supportImages “right-click” protectionUnlimited overlays using Overlay Manager add-onUnlimited filters using Advanced Filters add-on

Responsive portfolios including unique layouts

Media Grid is an special tool according to create infinite responsive, filterable, paginated portfolios including ease. Using superior CSS or javascript techniques approves thou in imitation of create your personal layouts and accommodation to them in conformity with anybody container.

Unique capability no longer repeatable with the aid of some tool: forget about respecting fixed rows yet schemes, here you creativity execute remain entirely exploited.

Worried in relation to representation over you setup on tiny screens? There’s a clever rule swapping robotically in imitation of a simpler and mobile optimized mode: lighter images, touch-proof sizes or brawny control concerning wrap elements. Everything pleasure remain usually displayed perfectly.

Finally, plugin integrates every object along the nearly popular social networks (Facebbok, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+) giving a higher apportionment system, focused on real object contents!

Visual grid builder​

Everything gravitates around visual grid’s builder: the actual plugin’s interior the place ye may originate thine astonishing layouts.

Choose amongst a wide sizes variety to structure above you portfolios: it shows thy modifications in real time, representing a actual abilities into projecting phase!

MANUAL MODE: the classical pathway end up famous between these years. Complete freedom and monitoring upon elements composing the grid and its layout.DYNAMIC MODE: even the largest grid simply requires minutes. Create the base-layout, choose who elements have in conformity with admit blocks then afterward timbre how Media Grid handles them: repeated structures, pagination, shuffled items.

Full media support

Media Grid is extraordinarily versatile or features ten extraordinary item kinds in imitation of compile you portfolio:

Simple static photograph besides lightboxThe basic single imageFully compassionate pictures slider including captions or video supportInline slider, flawlessly integrated among grid sizing systemAudio player assisting odd song or tracklist + SoundCloudInline Audio player, lowlife the identical featuresYoutube/Vimeo/Dailymotion then additionally self-hosted videoInline video, bringing equal applications between the grid contextLinked tile, redirecting customers with superior controlsPost contents, dinamically cute object beyond a submit typeCustom content, a blank space ready after lie filled together with thy contentsInline text, supporting shortcodes, HTML and video background

And of direction the “spacer” object to assist ye growing extraordinary layouts.
Each one lowlife its custom selections in conformity with keep proven namely thou need. For example the Ken Burns effect in grid or among lightbox, yet additionally the image zoom for alone image.

Use you posts!

Do you already have a bunch of thing and don’t need according to decline era developing items?
You can compose grids additionally together with them!

Media Grid helps any people submit kind (eg. posts yet WooCommerce products) geared up in conformity with lie covered out of visible grid builder. They desire keep dislayed as like “single image” items, with associated lightbox, yet additionally as direct link after theirs original page.

Plus, each and every post can be tuned through several options, as much you function including Media Grid items. Can lie additionally associated in accordance with grid categories after remain filtered!

CSS3 Lightbox yet web optimization deeplinking system

A cluster of things are stolen beneath Media Grid lightbox: it is not solely completely managed with the aid of lightweight CSS code but also optimized after let search engines find object including ease.

The auspicious pathway in conformity with preserve everything quick then luminous is in accordance with use AJAX calls, however generally it is against best search engine marketing practices. Media Grid goes past this, the use of HTML5 capabilities according to create true URLs for every element: lightbox, filters, pagination yet also item searches. Everything automatically, besides any additional plugin!

But there’s more: Media grid gives additionally a special XML file to be ancient among specific SEO structures certain so Google Webmaster Tools. Containing item hyperlinks yet associated featured pix to push article indexing so speedy as like possible!

Unlimited attributes

One regarding the close important matters between a portfolio is in accordance with show clearly items characteristics. They may want to simply allude in accordance with the creator on a photograph then show the track’s album or launch date.

With Media Grid thou execute gender unbounded item attributes, along related icons, for every object type. Sort to them then makes use of only the ones needed!

1 Click quickly setup

Are you not familiar along net sizes, margins yet colors? Don’t have epoch to control each plugin setting?

No problem, the plugin is equipped in accordance with stay used out about the box and has got 10 preset styles you perform enable simply including some click! Just select where thou like the almost beyond the wizard yet pass Media Grid functionate the rest.

Once set, the style do stay customized in anybody aspect: maximum simplicity then flexibility!

SEO Pagination system

Media Grid affords 6 extraordinary pagination solutions: beside simple arrows in accordance with numbered buttons to infinite scroll! But, by what means is a “SEO friendly” pagination?

Item details are every loaded into the page, but solely enquire engines pleasure stand capable in imitation of absolutely index thy amazing items. Pagination is additionally tracked by way of deeplinking system, so ye do portion a precise grid page.

This means no impact on page’s loading speed and at the same epoch a great competencies on the web!

WooCommerce Integration

Seamlessly integrated, Media Grid is a ideal answer also to create WooCommerce merchandise showcases.

No complicated processes: everything desire keep managed as like a provincial item, aiding both single/multi photo products. As regional items she be able be custom-made and combined in conformity with vile object kinds with no change at every in imitation of the WooCommerce core.

Also product attributes yet ratings are fetched yet perfectly built-in within plugin systems. Finally, Media Grid lightbox applications a smart “add-to-cart” button!

Shortcode wizard

Once you’ve constructed grids, the usage of to them among your internet site is genuinely as like makes use of the handy shortcode wizard, located over top on anybody wordpress editor.
Choose the grid, the pagination system, whether to display filters, theirs position and pick whether after use items search system.

You execute even determine to hide the “All” filter or to select a default filter that will lie applied on grid’s loading.
Move item texts under featured photograph into couple modes: addicted or indifferent out of item.

Finally thou can override international grid styling: placing customized margins, borders then resemble radius of the fly!

Comments integration

Engage visitors and understand where she think as regards you products!

Media Grid, thanksgiving according to its deeplinking engine, integrates with Disqus and Facebook Comments: probably the superior communal tools according to arrive then rule feedback seamlessly.

Obviously that function is totally optional, you execute additionally disable remarks because specific items.

Items search system

You can without problems locate gadgets including the integrated looking system: that is based regarding objects call and works in actual time, except delays!

Are titles also limitated? Use the search helper, in items editor, according to accumulate listed words and conjoin a semantic touch after searches!
“guitar shed live performance event” words hold been back because “SoundCloud track” item, of the predominant demo: give a try!

Optionally searches then filters are also performed via pages.

WP builders integration

Stop thinking where hides behind complex shortcodes and start using real-time previews!
They are the state of the art regarding modern-day wordpress web page building, rushing up development.

The plugin natively integrates together with Elementor, Visual Composer yet Cornerstone, in conformity with hand over ye the excellent person journey accessible nowadays concerning wordpress.

100% Multilanguage

Media Grid is also totally translatable over both look and returned ends. You desire keep in a position in conformity with localize that simply creating you .po file, the use of WPML or Polylang.

Yes, that has additionally the WPML multilingual certification and has been tested after labor seamlessly along it!

Customize it!

As care of LCweb’s philosophy, plugin’s intensive factor is customizability. Every factor about grid items or lightbox be able remain modified in accordance with in shape the seem to be or feel you need!

Unlimited colors, margins, paddings, borders, distribution icons styles, filters position and colors. Four item’s navigation styles, six lightbox navigation styles, five lightbox content layouts, 3 lightbox entrance/sliding effects, sixteen CSS3 loaders, whole typography control: are only a bit of what ye can manage.

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