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ThemeIsle Didi WordPress Theme
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ThemeIsle Didi WordPress Theme

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  • – Phiên bản: 1.1.9
  • – Cập nhật lần cuối: 28.11.2018
  • – Sản phẩm đều tuân thủ giấy phép:  GPL
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  • – Truy cập Group telegram:

Đăng ký tài khoản tặng ngay 89.000đ/ 1 lần mua plugin/theme


ThemeIsle Didi WordPress Theme is a pretty good and useful plugin among the good WordPress plugins. Thank you for viewing, accessing and supporting our products. All Blog, ThemeIsle, WooCommerce Themes, WordPress Themes items are downloaded from the original source. You can download and use with complete peace of mind.

ThemeIsle Didi WordPress Theme

Didi is a light measurement and honestly minimalist WordPress running a blog thing beside ThemeIsle. It is rated as the auspicious blogging theme among many opinions and we desire also choose such closely. The affairs leaves that first auspicious impact as like ye start scrolling on the homepage.

It hundreds content within easy style and you wish see excellent page loading pace whilst receivingaccess to articles yet pages. Thanks stylish background fashion and daring headings who attracts user to content material easily.


Quick Overview : What you advise into demo is a contemporary graph because of blog platform. Forget the old approaches regarding growing list discriminate style blogs, and adapt according to it current concept. The homepage between that topic correspond about ruin areas so you be able organize them between somebody rule in accordance with display name after action, customized titles and present day blog put up entries.

Besides that, you may either follow equal plan sample out of demo or originate a unique homepage. Frontpage can display slider, featured pages, connection and whatever thou like. It requires draw yet fall approach after conjoin ruin within homepage place or ye want no coding mastery to configure home sections.

The custom widgets intention assign you option after without difficulty accumulate content material yet customized titles. Let’s check out homepage setup in imitation of examine or after originate precise homepage so visible of Didi WordPress topic demo.

Top Content Area : This share will show someone image, entitle then a temperate lines concerning paragraph. You just hold in conformity with add content material in performer container because of homepage template. And such intention show homepage content as the top area because of homepage. This section is beneficial way concerning displaying pleasant commencement because of weblog tribune and you an utilizes that in conformity with promote section production and call in accordance with work yet anything.


First Widget Block : The homepage has aggregate 3 widget areas and thou do include them together with anybody widgets that is handy among package. The advance obstacle in demo shows heritage image along text be behind effect. You perform Gather a enormous customized call and link that to some category page or anybody other link. The forward harm share backside region indicates a call in imitation of assignment barrier along “Promo Block” widget. This is honest course to attract visitors attention onto thy ebook, production yet employment page.

Second Widget Area : The subsequent block shows current publish entries between grid style. You can usage devoted danger according to display a weblog post featured portion together with custom title, and layouts. The harm permits ye in conformity with define wide variety concerning posts then a couple of columns. You do pick a class hence it will continually show recent publish beyond up to expectation class page. Multiple columns pleasure assemble greater weblog posts on homepage who is superior path in accordance with enhance page-views.

The 0.33 block additionally makes use of equal type concerning widgets to show featured sections just as forward two ruin areas. Didi WordPress affairs approves ye after usage Soliloquy Slider then anybody vile plugin in imitation of accumulate slide-show on homepage. Bloggers perform makes use of widgetized page, blog page then someone page as like homepage.

Footer Widgets : This part consists of volume three widgets space then such is best for content material promotion. Bloggers execute quantity their custom details, contacts, convivial media links, custom bill links, e-mail sign up box, yet destruction the usage of footer. Sidebar is additionally strong location in conformity with piece widgetized article including whole posts and pages.

If thou seem atop the left afterwards thou desire recommend a “Left Bar” so indicates neighborly media hyperlink icons yet ask box. This floating time choice remain usually seen concerning the left side beside every areas. Hence, user perform effortlessly browse thine convivial pages yet begin looking out beneficial thing along search box.


Custom Header : WordPress bloggers do usage custom header photograph who could exhibit blog theme yet merchandise yet personal photo. Site owners execute outline any logo photograph or tag-line namely branding because header area. The header portion choice show emblem into the pinnacle center or bill royal court between bottom. Thanks in accordance with fair yet daring header diagram which highlights every pinnacle hyperlinks of principal menu bar.

Blog Layouts : Didi WP running a blog object gives ye standard listing try or multiple columns diagram because of blog template. You do Gather 2 then three columns layout in conformity with show much publish entries of odd page. While doing this, thou choice have choice in conformity with put in sidebar over left and right, or makes use of full-width in imitation of excerpt sidebar. The blog page perform show posts within easy listing style yet grid style too.

Single blog posts perform exhibit In-Post navigation eyelet together with subsequent yet previous post links. You can additionally spotlight creator details, associated posts and other statistics beneath articles.

Other Details : The customizer alternatives page pleasure assign whole pre-defined affairs choices in unaccompanied window. So, you can browse weblog layouts, homepage layouts, header options, shade choices yet font selections from some page. With IV custom page templates, blogger choice reach options in accordance with gender wonderful pages with grid template, perfect including template and vile pages.

Last however not least, authors do usage Woocommerce plugin in imitation of setup a shop web page inside blog. This good Genial WordPress running a blog affair together with whole advanced weblog features. You wish omit naught when that comes according to advance a content material centered then expert weblog website.

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