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Ultimate Learning Pro WordPress Plugin
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Ultimate Learning Pro WordPress Plugin

– Khuyến mại: 89.000đ

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  • – Phiên bản: 3.5
  • – Cập nhật lần cuối: 18.07.2023
  • – Sản phẩm đều tuân thủ giấy phép:  GPL
  • – Truy cập fanpage:
  • – Truy cập Group telegram:

Đăng ký tài khoản tặng ngay 89.000đ/ 1 lần mua plugin/theme


Ultimate Learning Pro WordPress Plugin is a pretty good and useful plugin among the good WordPress plugins. Thank you for viewing, accessing and supporting our products. All CodeCanyon, LMS, WordPress Plugins items are downloaded from the original source. You can download and use with complete peace of mind.

Ultimate Learning Pro WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Learning Pro is a new WordPress LMS Plugin that will help thou gender a top class Learning stage because of thine after Students & Instructors. You’ll be able to without problems gender courses, payoff thine students, acquire feedback then an awful lot more!

We hold ride with WordPress plugins, base tooled the profitable Ultimate Membership Pro & Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugins. Ultimate Learning Pro is the almost function rich LMS Plugin out even and what sets us apart is as we give thou ALL the features from the start. We don’t have secret expenses then paywall features.

You do flip you website among a actual business, promote courses through entire about the famous methods yet hold instructors superintend you students, start you premium learning platform today!

Ultimate Learning Pro – principal features

Intuitive Course Builder

Easily create, accomplish and maintain on-line guides along our pleasant person interface.

Everything Included

All the Premium Addons are included into the price, thou reach the entirety from the begin together with no unseen costs

Control Enrollment

With Ultimate Learning Pro thine customers may register according to routinely turn out to be Students and/or Instructors yet ye can manually add them. You perform too assimilate a couple of Instructors.

PayPal Payment

Your users be able makes use of PayPal’s advise charge method.

Stripe Payment

Your customers execute makes use of Stripe’s prescribe price method.

Membership Payment

You do link a route in conformity with a Ultimate Membership Pro level.

WooCommerce Payment

Your users may utilizes the fee methods built-in between WooCommerce.

EDD Payment

You can link a path to an Easy Download Digital item

Student Notes

Special shape generated by way of the plugin the place your college students execute receive notes for the duration of courses.

Student Badges

Set over badges in imitation of prize you students because of completing secure conditions.

Reward Points

Reward thine students together with points now it answer questions, finish a quiz, discipline or course. Use points so a prerequisite condition for your courses.

Wish List

Lets you students shop a route in conformity with theirs private desire listing for another use.

Grade Book

Students will keep capable to advise their grades between a specific structure generated with the aid of the plugin.

Course Certificates

Certificates be able keep introduced because of courses, it are fond according to you college students upon finish about the course.

Course Reviews

Help you income grow via lowlife excellent critiques regarding you courses written by students.

Course Difficulty

Define concern levels or assign them in accordance with your publications in conformity with assist potent clients accomplish the correct choice.

Course Estimation Timer

Set over an estimation about what a great deal period such desire drink in accordance with finish it course.

Featured Course

Highlight a direction in the public part to entice pastime according to such including simply one button click.

Course Price

Determine salvo a course is free and paid then put in on the price.

Lesson Preview

Make a learning reachable because anybody consequently he do reach an notion about how the direction is like.

Lesson Drip Content

Control when a education will become on hand because of thy students by way of scheduling content releases.

Lesson Duration

Establish the minimal total regarding day a user ought to spend of a education between rule according to avoid a user clicking next, next in accordance with bypass via a learning including ease.

Quiz Timer

Set a wide variety of minutes afterward which the quiz will end.

Randomize Questions

Display the questions on a banter within a indiscriminately system each and every time.

Randomize Multi-Choice Answers

Display the multi-choice solutions of a indiscriminately system every time.

Determine Passing Grade

Establish the minimal value a person need to achieve into rule in imitation of omit a quip yet course.

Pushover Notifications

Create notifications which desire be received through thy users about cellular by way of Pushover.

Multiple Instructors

Ultimate Learning Pro has the performance in accordance with assimilate more than one instructors after a course, this is on hand from the beginning because of no more cost.

MyCred Integration

MyCred is built-in among ULP, allowing thine customers in imitation of acquire factors because definitive actions, you have full monitoring upstairs these.


Allow you users get entry to according to their invoice(s).

BuddyPress Integration

BuddyPress is integrated within Ultimate Learning Pro, including a new tab in imitation of your BuddyPress people profile.

Custom Currencies

ULP approves the collection concerning new currencies alongside the predefined listing based on customized symbols.

Account Custom Tabs

You may originate and reorder the tale page menu items.

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