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WP Project Manager Pro – Business
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WP Project Manager Pro – Business

– Khuyến mại: 89.000đ

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  • – Phiên bản: 2.6.0
  • – Cập nhật lần cuối: 16.07.2022
  • – Sản phẩm đều tuân thủ giấy phép:  GPL
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  • – Truy cập Group telegram:

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WP Project Manager Pro – Business is a pretty good and useful plugin among the good WordPress plugins. Thank you for viewing, accessing and supporting our products. All Utilities, weDevs, WordPress Plugins items are downloaded from the original source. You can download and use with complete peace of mind.

WP Project Manager Pro – Business

Start active Team Collaboration

A powerful device in conformity with manage teamwork or entrust initiatives timely beside thy WordPress powered website.

Everything you need
to superintend thine projects

From organizing, deadlining, assignment prioritizing, team primarily based assignments, slicing down job according to the inferior bits yet getting the labor done including manifest growth reviews – Everything is possible with WP Project Manager.

Overview Dashboard

Get a bird’s look digest of all you organisation projects, its associated group members then vile details. Create instant projects, accumulate & fulfill crew members, select user roles, and filter projects by means of category then status-wise.

Project & Task Management

Get fulfilled rule regarding you team’s productiveness besides subscribing according to someone 1/3 birthday celebration web site along limitations. Create vast projects, tasks, yet involve as deep humans thou want.
Interactive Calendar

Check season in conformity with day, hebdomadal then monthly growth of thine tasks of the calendar. You execute too attract then fall tasks in accordance with change due dates.

Customize Team Member Roles

You be able figure out consumer roles because every person related together with a project. Each task comes including customized get entry to permissions. So thou perform superintend whichever sees then manages where absolutely easily.

Built-In Private Messenger

Ask a query beside the challenge web page for clarification. Want to discuss some thing privately? Just take a look at and box, nobody pleasure stand notified sordid than the assigned person. Want after inform whole the users by means of mail? Just take a look at the field beside them.

Control Team Capacities

Customize leave degrees for each undertaking and roles hence so the project runs as like thou expected. Makes that less complicated according to consist of external collaborators.

Privacy In Everything

Not just messages, different privateness perform additionally remain accept because tasks, to-do lists then milestones.

Personal Dashboard For All Users

Users can rule theirs assigned tasks or personal progress out of a single screen. View entire completed, outstanding, yet cutting-edge duties in the dashboard. Getting matters made is a great deal easier!

Milestone Tracking

Create milestones up to expectation you undertaking needs. Assign messages, to-do lists yet to-do’s in conformity with each milestone. Track the progress, consult as are falling behind.

Files & Documents Manager

See whole concerning you challenge documents at certain place. Navigate in conformity with the connected messages, to-do lists or duties simply together with a click.

View Activities As They Occur

Know each bits about the update in venture from one singular page. The exercise log takes observe about the whole lot so is happening.

Advance Reports With Insights

Get higher undertaking estimations along automatic and advance reviews for overdue, whole tasks, person activities, milestones, then whole projects. Filter reviews through project, tasks, co-workers, time, then more!

Daily Digest

The each day digest function sends computerized emails in accordance with entire users notifying about a summary regarding the day. This additionally consists of the pending or upcoming duties for the subsequent day.

Progress Report

The growth web page suggests the typical actions concerning you group across you website so those occur. This capacity thou perform reach a complete situation regarding thy business enterprise at a glance.

Time Tracking

With it extension, customers can start/stop/pause a timer according to count the volume period overpast over a task. This makes payment easier because of hourly charged workers.

Gantt Chart

A creative or depended on path regarding organizing duties then intercessor because each mission or to-do lists.

Frontend Compatible

Bring initiatives and duties according to the frontend regarding your site. Sometimes that is a wished characteristic because deed along clients.

Integrate With WooCommerce

This extension mechanically creates tasks and to-do lists when an order is received.

Kanban Board

Use a boards-style mission administration in conformity with control initiatives then tasks. If ye fancy Trello, thou desire amour this too!

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